Wild Rift: Whats New in High Five Update

League of legends: Wild Rift has announced its plans and roadmap for High Five Update taking place from 16 March onwards. Here is complete information about Patch Roadmap: Urgot’s Trivia, Twitch’s Ambush and Card Trick Chaos. Update is called Mean and green which really signifies arrival of new skins to game.

Wild Rift High Five Update

  • Urgot’s Trivia (March 16 onwards)
  • Twitch’s Ambush (April 20)
  • Card Trick Chaos (March 30)

March Paintovers

Wild Rift march paintovers
Wild Rift march paintovers

Game planning to bring excitement with unforgettable villain like sneaky rat and chemtech power. Their abilities differ but are equally powerful villains of all time. Upon update, this will be added in Wild Rift Patch 4.1 very sooner.

Wild Rift brings new skins in Durandal Academy

It has been just a while, Project Zeri skin made debute in Patch Note 4.0b but now it’s time for 2 new skins. It includes Battle Principal Yummi and Battle Academia Leona for better visual experience.

What’s New in Wild Rift Patch 4.1 update of High Five

Coming March 16 UTC:

  • New champions
  • MORE tank items (and item reworks)
  • Wild Pass + new skins
  • In-game events


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