Wild Rift patch 4.0b: Zeri makes her debut with a new project skin

On February 16th, League of Legends: Wild Rift releases the 4.0b patch note which introduces Zeri – a new champion that will be released on 17th Feb. Along with new PROJECT skins the patch also has some balance changes.

As per the official notes,Electrify the Rift—It’s Patch 4.0b! Zeri makes her arrival, along with new PROJECT skins and the PROJECT: SURGE event! Two game modes return, and balance updates across the Rift!

Wild Rift 4.0b patch

A new champion – Zeri

Zeri Wild Rift and Crafted Gun
Zeri Wild Rift and Crafted Gun

Zeri is all set to make her debut in LoL Wild rift on February 17th, along with her electric charging abilities. She is granted a custom-crafted gun, having lightning-fast approaching powers.

New Game Modes and Event

The new game modes like One for All (available to play from February 2 till February 21) and Duel (available to play from February 23 till March 16). Meanwhile the PROJECT Surge – event that will scan for various life forms – will begin on 17th February at 00:01 UTC.


The patch 4.0b will feature new PROJECT skins for Zeri, Lucian, Master Yi, and Renekton. All the features will be live on 17th Feb.

Balance Changes to Champions


  • Base Attack Damage reduced from 58 to 54.


Tactical Sweep

  • Outer edge recovery health ratio: 50% → 40%
  • Monster Modification: 100% →50%

Jarvan IV

Golden Aegis

  • Cooldown: 12 seconds → 10 seconds

Miss Fortune

Double up buffed

  • Base damage: 20/50/80/110 → 30/60/90/120


Black Shield

  • Magic Shield: 80/150/220/290 + 60% Ability Power → 70/150/230/310 + 50% Ability Power
  • Cooldown: 18/16/14/12s → 16/14/12/10s
  • Duration: 5s → 4s


Piercing darkness

  • [NEW]: Enemies hit are slowed by 15% + 0.1% × Bonus Attack Damage + 0.06% × Ability Power for 0.75/1/1.25/1.5s


Sweeping Blade

  • Target immunity cooldown: 8s → 8/7/6/5s


Prowling Projectile

  • Enhanced current health damage: 1.5/3/4.5/6/7.5% → 2/3/4/5/6%
  • Mana cost: 50 → 60

You and Me

  • Passive adaptive force: 13/15/17/19% → 8/11/14/17%


Shadow slash new introductions

  • Deals 60% damage to monsters.

 Gameplay Changes


  • Banshee’s Veil: Total cost – 3000g → 2800g
  • Locket Enchant: Total Cost – 800g → 500g
  • Spirit Visage: Ability Haste – 10 → 20, Total cost: 2900g → 2800g


  • Inspiration: Pathfinder – Regenerate missing mana 1% → 1.5%
  • Resolve Second wind: missing mana recovered over 5 seconds – 1.5% → 2%
  • Resolve Second wind: missing mana recovered over 5 seconds for melee – 3% → 4%

The Wild Rift is about seeing a new way of playing games with the changes introduced by the 4.0b patch, which features Zeri, PROJECT skins, and various in-game adjustments.


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