Chromebook’s Widget now has a new Calendar for Glanceables UI, shows Classroom pending tasks

From the recent M123 and M124 updates, it is clear that Google ChromeOS prefers to implement elegant UIs over their traditional interfaces. During the M124 beta, ChromeOS saw a complete makeover and its design looks more like Android. And now, we have a new Glanceables UI to the Calendar Widget of Chromebook, which shows pending tasks from Google Classroom.

Glanceables is a term used to denote a User Interface (UI) that presents information at a glance. These designs are simple, and uncluttered, with limited interaction, yet visually appealing.

New Calendar widget in Chromebook
Calendar with Glanceables UI shows pending tasks from Classroom | Gamer Stones

Chromebook’s new Calendar Widget chiefly features system colors with rounded corners, a common feature of Material You. It perfectly integrates with Google Classroom, showing the pending tasks. On clicking the drop-drop menu, near Due Soon, we get multiple options to display the data. Check out the image given below:

New Calendar widget in Chromebook
Various options to display | Gamer Stones

Although a vast majority of Chromebook users might not have caught up to the design, we spotted the Glanceables UI by enabling two flags on Chrome Version 125.0.6411.0.

  • Glanceables

Enables Glanceables on the Calendar surface. – ChromeOS



  • GlanceablesCalendarView

Enables the new Calendar for Glanceables UI. – ChromeOS


While we haven’t discovered any abrupt functionalities with these flags, they are still under development. For instance, on opening, we encounter a slight lag for the Google Classroom menu to appear.

Moreover, the widget is expected to undergo a slight redesign, as the widget on the Beta channel looks more pleasing.

Calendar in ChromeOS
Gamer Stones

This is a clean menu, giving clear glimpses of the current and upcoming months. Users can easily navigate through the months, and get back to the current one by simply clicking the button located near the arrow.

Google is indeed regular in featuring useful features. For instance, Chrome’s Extension Menu will soon allow to disable all extensions with a click. In case you missed it, the Discover Following Feed is getting a new layout.


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