Opinion: Starfield patch hasn’t done enough to satisfy players

Bethesda released Starfield update 1.10.31 across all platforms on March 19, introducing 500 changes to Starfield. Despite marking it ‘Massive’, the update dedicates the majority of components to the bug fixes. Even though the patch has, undoubtedly, introduced several quality-of-life improvements, it failed to stand up to players’ expectations.

The edits like Photo Expression Mode and some tweaks to the User Interface are expected to keep the game lively, but won’t guarantee the return of lost players. The lack of post-game launch support has been frustrating the Starfield community, which is eagerly awaiting the release of Shattered Space DLC.

Starfield Patch 1.10.31

  • Photo Mode
  • Scanner
  • Setting course on an inactive quest
  • Support for adjusting FOV
  • Anisotropic filtering quality slider (PC)
  • Removes the digipick cost
  • Adds autosave
  • Updates the Ship UI

But, it is really not what the community is asking. A Twitter user ComicalRock expresses demands in the following way:

“Why do we care about a photo mode? Does anyone else not care? What about content, patches, fixes, mod support, etc? Loved this game, but it becomes unplayable at like 50 hours due to load screens, lack of content, and lack of will to NG+.”

Moreover, Corey Thompson says, “Still no reason to come back”

The issue with addressing the issue!

While the big fixing is an important issue, it should not be prioritized over major hurdles. For instance, official Mod Support, story expansion, or new ways of cruising could be a good supposition. Still, Bethesda seems to be having an issue in prioritizing the issue.

Nonetheless, the game has been massively hit, letting players enjoy and wander between the planets. Even among the critics, there are no two opinions regarding the quality of the game. It’s just a matter of lack of content, which must be addressed soon.


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