Roblox Secret Staycation: 3 New Food Locations in April Fools Update

Roblox Secret Staycation just released an April Fools Update bringing an event to collect 3 new foods in the game. The game is about finding fruits and food in hidden places in the house, so players would require an exact location to collect the tokens.

Food Locations in Secret Staycation April Fools

April Fools Food
April Fools Food

Here is a guide to help users with food locations in the April Fools. The food mainly includes a Piece of Nori, an Ice Cube, and a Mixture of Flour and Water.

1. Ice Cube Location

Ice Cube
Ice Cube

Ice Cube is the first food token that players can collect during the egg hunt. As we know, ice requires a cooler temperature and the best place is to look inside the fridge.

  1. Head towards Fridge in the kitchen
  2. Open the door and jump inside
  3. The player can see multiple fruits placed in sequential order
  4. Go to the bottom floor and search for the ice cube
  5. As spawned food shines, collect Ice Cube from the area

Now, you have successfully claimed the first food and it’s time to resume the journey until the rest items are too collected.

2. The mixture of Flour and Water

Mixture of Flour and Water
A mixture of Flour and Water

The next time lies outside the house, in the gallery itself. As the protagonist has a small size, it can either enter small holes in the door or find other safe paths.

  1. Go to the gallery door located a few meters away from the refrigerator
  2. Enter the small gap between the door and the wall
  3. Keep on exploring gallery items such as flowers, chairs, and table
  4. In one corner, the Flour-Water token has spawned
  5. Collect the mixture of Flour and Water

After the second item is collected, we are left with the last item to complete the quest. The April Fools event is extremely short and would take around 5 to 10 minutes for a complete walkthrough.

3. Piece of Nori

Piece of Nori
Piece of Nori
  1. Enter the washing machine from the open glass
  2. Wait for other players to enter/close the window
  3. The washing machine starts spinning while the water slowly fills
  4. Keep on resisting the flow of water and try moving toward the edges of the corner
  5. At one point, the machine stops and a Piece of Nori is seen in front of the user.

Once collected, the Roblox event has been completed and it’s time to focus on improving in-game skills which would help to complete future missions without any external help.


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