Palworld Patch Includes a Promising yet Detrimental Feature

Given the importance of proximity to the availability of resource-rich places, players establish their bases at such locations in Palworld. With substantial resources, Pals, and loot within the base, it is inevitable to avoid invasion during raid events. Confronting such clashes brings inescapable demolitions to these bases. Addressing this problem, the latest patch of Palworld concludes with precious progress on key issues that affect the interaction between players and their base.

A post from Reddit user, eraudf, showcases that there will be no more base destructions, neither accidental nor intentional. Even though the fix is widely praised for providing reassurance to players by making it harder for raiders to ruin the bases, the fix has some segments that players can utilize to their advantage.

PSA: You no longer blast your own base to bits with your weapons now
byu/eraudf inPalworld

Palworld Patch – Promising and Detrimental Feature

The update sounds promising in addressing the accidental destruction by misclicking the fire button towards the base, which will now spare players from witnessing their hard work turn into ash. This mechanism is expected to make Palworld a lot easier by allowing players to merely focus on attacking members without the burden of safeguarding the camp.

These could undermine the player’s strategic tactics like confronting the raider along with fending off the base. From now on, players will no longer feel any need to establish strategic points like traps, domes, and defenses.

On the other hand, the fix also protects the base from intentional dismantling during the rehabilitation of the camp, which could be detrimental for some players. Earlier, players could easily rely on a weapon at their disposal to dissemble the base. Nonetheless, players can still do it by using legitimate methods from Build Mode.

In addition, this mechanism shields the base from intentional fires as well. Players can exploit this part to give tougher fights to the raider. It is the invader who is at a disadvantage, who now will have to look to projectiles coming through walls.

While speaking to Xbox Wire, the Pocketpair CEO has already affirmed that they are listening to feedback, and the update is likely to release the solution for promising and detrimental aspects.


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