Hogwarts Legacy is on 50 percent sale on Steam

The Hogwarts Legacy video game is currently available at its lowest price yet. You can grab the Standard Edition on Steam for just $29.99, down from its original price of $59.99, marking a significant $30 discount. Additionally, the Digital Deluxe Edition is up for grabs at only $59.99, a remarkable $59.99 off its usual price of $119.98.

The Warner Bros Spring Sale is now in full swing, offering discounts of up to 90% on various WB titles. As part of this sale, the Dark Arts Pack DLC is available at a 50% discount. If you’re considering purchasing Hogwarts Legacy, this sale presents a compelling opportunity.

50 percent off on Hogwarts Legacy
50 percent off on Hogwarts Legacy at Steam

With a 50% discount on Hogwarts Legacy at Steam, now is the time to consider diving into the magical world. Opting for the Digital Deluxe Edition will provide you with the game, Dark Arts Garrison Hat, and Dark Arts Pack.

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Moreover, this sale extends to various WB titles, including:

  • Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – 40% off
  • Gotham Knights – 80% off
  • Batman: Arkham Collection – 85% off
  • Batman: Arkham Knight – 80% off
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition – 75% off

There are more deals on the list, in addition to the above. Check them out on WB’s official Steam page.

Hogwarts Legacy indeed has plenty to offer

Hogwarts Legacy has undoubtedly captured the imagination of gamers. Surpassing Modern Warfare 3, it has emerged as the best-selling game of 2023 in both the US and the UK, boasting sales of over 22 million copies and an impressive Metacritic score of 84.

But Hogwarts Legacy offers much more than just wizardry. Players can engage themselves in a vast open world filled with secrets waiting to be unearthed. For example, one player stumbled upon a magical shop within Hogwarts Legacy, featuring three distinct versions of the house depending on the entrance chosen.

Furthermore, the game introduces enigmatic spots such as the abandoned grotto, resembling the settings from the novel series.

The sale for Hogwarts Legacy on Steam concludes on March 21st, so act swiftly to seize this alluring opportunity.


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