Brawl Stars introduces 100 Starr Drop Community Event with mega prize

Brawl Stars is a new kind of event where players level up on getting ordinary or worse rewards. This is a (#100StarrDrops) 100 Starr Drops Community Event in which players can collect legendary to rare tokens easily.

Brawl Stars brings 100 Starr Drops Community Event

New mega prize
New mega prize

A reward list has been formed consisting of a 5 tier list until the last reward is claimed. The player can progress higher only when Rare Starr Drops are collected. As everyone is obsessed with Legendary rewards, no one actually loves Rare drops.

The player advances to the next stage every 300 million Starrs collected while ultimate reward can be claimed by achieving 1.5 Billion stars. This is hard and time consuming for the newbies.

Besides completing tasks, most active players get extra +1 token for the whole week. The event has already started and will keep on rewarding worthy users for next 10 days. Anyone with trophies higher than 400 can participate in the event.

How to get 100 Starr Drops
How to get 100 Starr Drops

Along with mega prizes, keep eyes on exciting skins such as Vikings Rule of Northern Saga & Sam (Assassin) of epic kind.


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