Switch 2 will have Backward Compatibility with Switch Title

Nintendo Switch 2, Switch’s successor, is a lot in the news lately. Whether they are rumors, news, or leaks, there is no stop for critiques. Now, one of the reports has claimed a backward compatibility feature for Switch 2.

As per the PH Brazil podcast, spotted by Universo Nintendo, ‘Nintendo’s next hardware will have physical and digital backward compatibility with Switch games’.

The feature will ‘also allow developers to study improvements for the current titles in the Nintendo Switch library.’, continues Universo Nintendo.

Backward Compatibility is a feature that allows the console to run titles from the previous generation. For instance, PlayStation 5 has backward compatibility with PlayStation 4.

Universo Nintendo has been continuously and accurately reporting the happenings, which adds quite a weight to this claim.

Given that the Switch console already has Nvidia’s Tegra X1 chip, the Switch 2 hardware might embed a custom-designed NVIDIA chip to power the console. Gamers shall look forward to answers as Switch 2 hardware is rumored to be released next month.

Recently, the Hogwarts Legacy Nintendo Switch version was launched. Switch’s graphics lack in comparison to PlayStation – well, both consoles can’t be compared. If this successor embeds the robust processing power, slightly weighing with PS4, the gaming performance will be elevated vitally.


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