Players are Upset With Hogwarts Legacy Switch Version

Just a few days ago, leaked footage of Hogwarts Legacy running on the Nintendo Switch surfaced, sparking widespread community concern regarding the game’s graphics and FPS settings on this platform.

Despite initial speculations that any shortcomings would be addressed before the official launch, the Hogwarts Legacy Switch version, which went live on November 14, fell short of public expectations (actually not a precise reason to despise, but there is a natural urge for players wanting more).

Some of the YouTube channels like Cycu1 and SwitchUp conducted detailed comparisons between the Switch and PlayStation versions, highlighting graphical downgrades.

Hogwarts Legacy PlayStation comparison with Switch
Hogwarts Legacy PlayStation comparison with Switch (Image via Cycu1)

Looking forward to Hogwarts Legacy’s graphics on the Switch, Cycu1’s YouTube channel presented a side-by-side comparison with the PlayStation version, revealing apparent differences.

SwitchUp YouTube channel stated, “None of these things are deal breakers for most people, but as far as gameplay goes, having to load between every single shop in a town that has about 10-15 buildings, it certainly does impact the flow”.

However, the comparison between a PlayStation and Switch port doesn’t look fair enough, taking the hardware into consideration.

Hogwarts Legacy PlayStation comparison with Switch
Another comparison by Ethan Raiche

Hogwarts Legacy Switch Lacks Seamless Open-World Feature

Furthermore, despite significant delays, the open-world gameplay, a significant selling point on other platforms was compromised on the Switch.

While the PS and PC versions allowed for free wandering, the Switch version exhibited continuous loading screens lasting over 30 seconds, particularly when entering various in-game shops.

The Nintendo Switch version’s struggle to deliver a seamless open-world experience stands in stark contrast to its counterparts on other platforms.

Hogwarts Legacy, initially released on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC, with later expansions to PS4 and Xbox One, received positive reviews with a commendable score of 84 on Metacritic.

However, the reactions to the Switch version suggest a potential decline in its overall score as player feedback continues to surface. However, mere graphics won’t decide the overall rating, as the gamers have appreciated smooth gameplay.

Nonetheless, WB has delivered a very delightful platform for the players to join the world of Hogwarts.


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