Hogwarts Legacy Footage on Nintendo Switch Console Leaked

Hogwarts legacy
Hogwarts legacy

Ahead of its scheduled release on November 14, Hogwarts Legacy‘s footage running on the Nintendo Switch console has leaked online. Since its launch on 10th February for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X, Hogwarts Legacy has seen record-breaking sales of 15 million copies.

Right from its release to PS4, there were rumors of Hogwarts Legacy coming to Nintendo Switch port. Even though there was no official confirmation regarding this, someone has managed to share footage of the Hogwarts Legacy Switch port. The leaked footage is given below:

The video shows the initial part of the game on the Switch port, which has upset gamers. Players have delivered their concerns over FPS and underrated graphics. It might really disappoint the users, playing on its counterparts like PC or PS.

Nonetheless, it is not the official video which means the actual release is still in development. The concerns over graphics and FPS will be answered on its release. Other than graphics, the game looks to run perfectly fine.

However, the day is not too far for Hogwarts Legacy to hit Switch consoles. Once it strikes the Switch ports, it will be interesting to compare with its companions.

Looks like the year is proceeding satisfactorily for the Nintendo Switch. It has already added 7 big games to Switch, along with nostalgic 3 retro titles. 

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