With Stellar Blade’s Preview At State of Play, It’s Time to Look Back On Bayonetta

During Sony’s most recent State of Play, held on January 31st, 2024, avid gamers finally received confirmation on the launch of several new games. Previously, fans had only been privy to cryptic posts hinting at the release of games like Rise of the Ronin, Dead Stranding 2, Judas, Silent Hill 2, and more. Among the biggest reveals was the first major sneak peek of ShiftUp’s Stellar Blade, which has been in development since 2019.

As the preview unfolded, the echoes of another iconic title, Bayonetta, resonated through the striking landscapes and masterful combat sequences. The parallels between the two games sparked curiosity, not just in gameplay mechanics but in the realm of fashion, as well.

With Bayonetta having left an impression on pop culture through distinctive accessories, the preview of Stellar Blade hinted at a new chapter where virtual worlds collide with real-world style.

Stellar Blade, dubbed the ‘cousin’ of Bayonetta

Bayonetta and Stellar Blade share similarities in their action-oriented gameplay, with both featuring fast-paced combat with intricate combos and stylish moves

Additionally, both games incorporate a strong emphasis on the protagonist’s supernatural abilities — with Bayonetta utilizing the titular character’s witch powers and Stellar Blade’s use of a post-apocalyptic setting with futuristic weaponry.

In terms of combat mechanics, Bayonetta and Stellar Blade prioritize fluidity and player skill, encouraging mastery of various moves and combos. While Stellar Blade has yet to be released, it looks like it follows after Bayonetta’s approach to responsive game controls, allowing gamers to execute precise actions and engage in dynamic battles.

In 2023, the gaming world was abuzz after Bayonetta’s creator, Hideki Kamiya, announced that he would be leaving PlatinumGames, a company that he co-founded. Questions about the future of the franchise were raised, especially since Kamiya had previously indicated his intention to create two more installments for the much-loved game.

Though the future of the franchise remains murky, Kamiya assured fans that the IP will live on. And he was right because later that year, Bayonetta transcended the gaming world and made a surprising appearance in fashion.

Bayonetta’s pop culture impact

Fashion and video games often intersect, with popular characters like Bayonetta contributing to iconic trends. Bayonetta’s distinctive glasses, for instance, join the popular eyeglasses styles influencing pop culture cycles.

So much so that glasses resembling her sleek, rectangular frames are now commonly referred to as “Bayonetta glasses”. Top online retailer Eyebuydirect carries a couple of frames, like the Ray-Ban RB5169 and Oakley Airdrop models, that emulate Bayonetta’s style.

This showcases how video game aesthetics can transcend the digital realm and leave a mark on the fashion world. This is by no means a new phenomenon. In the past, popular clothing brands like H&M, Moschino, and Diesel have each collaborated with The Sims to make digital clothes.

Likewise, Stellar Blade has the potential to make an impact on pop culture through its unique visual design. The video game’s avant-garde setting and futuristic character designs echo similar fashion trends, clothing styles, accessories, and even hairstyles — and, like Bayonetta, might lead to a resurgence in those styles as well.

Fans of the game may soon find themselves drawn to emulate the cool, high-tech aesthetics seen in Stellar Blade.

As fans eagerly await the April 26th release of Stellar Blade, the echoes of Bayonetta’s influence on pop culture and fashion resonate louder than ever. The preview not only drew fans into the epic universe of the game but also hinted at a potential continuation of the trend-setting impact seen with Bayonetta.


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