PUBG: Top 10 Weapons to use in TDM Mode

As PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) continues to bestow intense fire-fights, the thrill of these scenes reaches remarkable heights in fast-paced Team Deathmatch (TDM) mode. Unlike other Battle Royale modes, TDM is played on a small map where frequent encounters are inevitable. In this high-pressure environment, which demands non-stop movements with the limitation of time, selecting the perfect weapon becomes crucial for securing victory.

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Here is a curated list of the 10 best weapons in PUBG, strategically categorized for diverse scenarios based on factors such as firepower, recoil, and effectiveness. This selection takes into account the versatility of TDM mode and segregates worthy guns ranging from close-range combat to those offering lethal accuracy in long-range engagements.

1. M416

PUBG: M416 Gun

The M416, an Assault Rifle (AR), is a foremost contender and the most capable weapon in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. Unlike M16A4, M416 offers a full auto firing mode, making it effective in close-range combats. Meanwhile, Its stable recoil and high bullet firing rate also make it suitable for mid-range warfare.

M416 is a perfect combination of stability, accuracy, and adaptable damage. It supports customizable attachments, favored for almost all play techniques. Whether the players prefer different scopes or grips, the M416 grants users the flexibility to outrival opponents.

2. M24

PUBG: M24 Gun

When it comes to long-range arrangements, M24 outshines every other sniper rifle. M24 is renowned for its incredible accuracy and devastating power and has the potential to deliver one-shot kills to the head or torso.

Equipping the M24 with a powerful scope can be a game-changer, allowing players to eliminate opponents from afar with pinpoint precision. Whether players are guarding teammates or trying to infiltrate the opponent’s base, M24’s excellent visibility and lethal capabilities make it suitable for both scenarios.

3. Groza

PUBG: Groza Gun

People consider Groza the most fearsome weapon in PUBG and try to covet it. Even though players can only acquire Groza in the Drop Box in Battle Royale mode, TDM mode allows them to equip it at Evo Level 41.

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Groza earns its reputation for its exceptional fire rate, low recoil, and high damage per hit, unleashing massive destruction when aimed at foes. Even though Groza is not a good choice for long-range encounters, it is best for short and mid-range clashes.

4. AKM


AKM is a furious assault rifle that deals a base damage of 49, which is more eminent than many ARs. Its devastating damage per hit makes it the most acceptable pick for close and mid-range fighting.

Despite having huge damage, AKM is not easy to master and hence can’t be utilized for annihilating distant opponents. When held with skilled fingers, the AKM doesn’t shy away from dominating the 8-minute TDM match.

5. M762

PUBG: M762 Gun

M762 is a lethal assault rifle that comes with the unique ability to switch between single-fire, burst mode, and full-auto. If players are looking to deliver relentless bullets upon the adversaries, M762 does its job very effectively.

In instances where the rival is dwelling somewhere around, M762 deals with them effectively. Yet, the M762 has a challenging recoil rate, which can be managed with the right grip and attachments.

6. DP-28

PUBG: DP-28 Gun

The DP-28 is a heavy machine gun, well known for its extensive magazine size. This iconic weapon bears a low recoil rate with substantial damage, making it easy to suppress enemy movements.

DP-28 comes with a bipod that adds enhanced stability when deployed, further improving accuracy. Despite having a manageable recoil rate, stability, and damage, it’s reload time of 5.5 seconds can be a disadvantage. But once all set, its 47 rounds of bullets consistently deliver precise bursts.

7. Scar-L

PUBG: Scar-L Gun

Scar-L, the foremost unlocking arsenal in PUBG, is a reliable weapon in swift-paced matches like TDM. The great accuracy and negligible recoil rate make it suitable for players, even rookies can handle the Scar-L with ease.

Scar-L even operates satisfactorily with powerful scopes like 4x or 6x. Therefore, in addition to close and mid-range, it can be handled for long-range combats as well.

8. LMG

PUBG: M249 Gun

In spite of acquiring the Light Machine Gun (LMG) from Drop Box in Battle Royale modes, it is readily available in TDM at the center of the map. Sometimes, the standing is occupied by AWM, nonetheless, the presence of LMG is very frequent.

LMG is a heavy bullet-firing weapon with a round of 100 bullets. With this heightened magazine capacity and good control over the recoil rate, LMG can create chaos on the map, forcing opponents to look for cover.

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