Adopt Me: How to get All 12 Statue Locations (Desert Egg Update)

Adopt Me Desert Egg Update is now live. Players can explore new maps along with completing daily tasks to unlock desert eggs and other essential items. Here is a guide on finding locations of all the 12 statutes. Use Codes to get instant rewards alongside.

How to find Statues in Adopt Me

Adopt Me Desert Egg
Adopt Me Desert Egg

There are a total of 12 statues, each of different animals that spawn and need to be claimed every day for a week. At last, your ultimate reward is Desert Egg, currently the most valuable item in the inventory.

  1. Spend at least 30 minutes in the Adopt Me
  2. Go to Sphinx and make a conversation
  3. You can see a similar statue (the first one)
  4. New statue spawns every 30 mins
  5. A player can claim maximum 2 units per day
  6. Overall, it will take you 6 days to complete the quest

Before making your way to collect statues, you need to make conversation with a large Egyptian Sphinx which hints towards hidden objects in the game.

Desert Egg Event
Desert Egg Event

As you can see, there are certain cloud formations near the stairs of Sphinx where new animal statues spawn. Simply carry them towards the main place.

The player needs to be quick to collect all 12 statues as events last for at most two weeks. Grinding for one hour daily can easily make you the owner of this very special egg.


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