Adopt Me Frostclaw’s Fury Update: Christmas Event 2023 Codes

Adopt Me enters into Winter 2023 with the arrival of Frostclaw’s Fury – Christmas Event of 2023. This is week 2 of the Winter Festival while more surprising things will come in the upcoming few weeks. Get Christmas Codes that end along with the Black Friday Sale.


Frostclaw’s Fury Update

Frostclaws Fury Update
Frostclaws Fury Update

In this update, a new story mode has been added which includes a clever escape of Santa Claus from the new Boss. Get a chance to equip Frost Fury during this event. Few pets and minigames are expected in the Christmas Update.

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  • Gingerbread (New)
  • Future Egg (Special)
  • Christmas Event
  • New Story Mode added
  • Santa Claus Mission

As a special surprise, Gingerbread is available to unlock by progressing in Halloween events. Claim Christmas Future Egg which is an exclusive token that would hatch on Christmas Day only. Unique rewards will be showering from it.

Adopt Me Christmas Codes

Adopt Me Christmas Codes
Adopt Me Christmas Codes

With each upcoming update, players are excited for the Codes it brings with it to claim readily available items. As a giveaway, Frost Fury Pet is available to a few lucky winners.

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As soon as the Update is live, GamerStones will add Frostclaw’s Fury Codes which would let users get access to new pets and Robux through redemption.


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