The Finals Open Beta Reaches Maximum Capacity on Steam

On 26th October, The Finals Open Beta went live and within two days of debuting, the games reached the maximum capacity on Steam. The open beta was released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The Finals is serving the most popular FPS game right now, with over peak of 229,992 concurrent players.

The Finals, a First-Player Shooting game developed by Embark Studios, is the sixth most-played Valve game. The stunning visuals of characters and ravishing environment are suspected to be an element adding the waves in open beta.

Record Breaks Comes With an Issue

The Finals Steam Chart
With the splash of a quarter million players at a time, players seem to be facing matchmaking suspensions with disconnecting server issues. To address these issues, Embark Studios has had to go live and advise players to calm down a bit.

As per the PCGamesN reports, “So many people are playing that we’ve hit the ceiling of our current capacity,”

Embark Studios clarified the servers have reached their threshold, and if players might witness issues. The best bet here is to come back later.

“This is a beta and the point is to fix stuff like this. At the same time, we know you’re taking time out of your days to help us get this game in shape for release. You beta players are our heroes – we could not do this without you.”

Even though The Finals has achieved a remarkable feat, the server issues might be a little frustrating for eager players who are waiting to try their shooting aim.


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