Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Player Discovers Secret Hidden Tunnel

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 offers an open world to roam, enabling players to ramble over the secrets of the city. One such hidden detail is a hidden tunnel discovered by a player. This is a small detail in the game, very likely to be missed by all, which allows boosting speed while doing Web Steering or using Web Wings.

After taking community feedback into consideration, Insomniac introduced Web Wings, gladly embraced by all. However, developers decided to not just stop here, and add an exciting touch to flying. Wind Tunnel is among those features.

A Hidden Blue Wind Tunnel

Hidden Wind Tunnel in Spider Man 2

Through a Reddit Channel, r/rrdaquis34 shared a clip, showcasing the tunnel. The video shows him flying by over a train route. White on the fly, he witnesses a blue ring, which turns out to be a speed booster. The community was overwhelmingly surprised with this small yet appraising detail revealed by rrdaquis34.

Furthermore, players are keen to find a number of these tunnels boasting wind cortexes. Apart from these wind tunnels, there might be some additional arousing details, yet to expose.

Insane hidden wind tunnel. I wonder how many more are out there?
byu/rrdaquis33 inSpidermanPS4

After the huge success of Spider-Man 2, Insomniac has revealed some exciting details about Wolverine. As stated, both Wolverine and Spider-Man are in the same universe on Earth 1048.


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