Subway Surfers World Tour 2023 – Hawaii Update

The Subway Surfers World Tour 2023 arrives in a new city in Hawaii. Previously, Subway Surfers Tours has traveled to almost all popular places consisting of different cultures and themes through its Tour traveling series.

Here is complete information about the latest features getting introduced with this update.

Subway Surfers Hawaii 2023 – World Tour

Subway Surfers World Tour 2023
Subway Surfers World Tour 2023

With its latest update, the tracks of Subway Station have been modified into beautiful beaches, hotels, and fascinating scenery of Hawaii Beach and Island.

From the soundtrack to the basic visual appearance, everything has been changed to match the theme and provide an exact feel of new world life.

New Features added to Subway Surfers World Tour Hawaii 2023

New Outfits and Characters in Subway Surfers
New Outfits and Characters in Subway Surfers

It’s obvious to expect a few awesome and unique characters with each upcoming update. This time, the new outfit will be used instead of old ones along with powerful and speedy hoverboards that outsmart police officer and their dog.

  • Hawaii Update in Subway Surfers
  • Hali (new outfit)
  • Taha Tropi-Taha (character)
  • Rave Rider (new hoverboard)
  • Collection Feature

These are new things that are added to the game. Now let’s have a look at the Collection feature which will soon flood Subway Surfers with massive popularity similar to the Subway Surfers Studio update.

Subway Surfers Collections

Subway Surfers Collections feature
Subway Surfers Collections feature

From the Hawaii 2023 Update, Subway Surfers Collections, which is the newest feature added to the game, will be waiting for players to complete. Overall, different characters are packed together to form a collection that provides additional rewards upon completion.

How to get Subway Surfers Collections & Rewards

  1. Update Subway Surfers to the New Hawaii 2023 version
  2. Go to shop and view listed collections and packs
  3. Unlock each character to claim collections reward
  4. Keep on progressing until all collection items are claimed
  5. Rewards include plenty of coins, hoverboards, score boosters, keys, and other essential character tokens
  6. Use this reward to get a new character or spend on upgrading powers

Now, using this instruction, one can have access to the collection, and below is a list of available collections to be unlocked.

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Subway Surfers Collections List

Subway Surfers All COllections of Hawaii Update
Subway Surfers All COllections of Hawaii Update
  • The Originals
  • Easy Peasy
  • Jumpstarters
  • Grind Fest
  • Party Time
  • Alter Egos

Make your own collection more beautiful and enriching using this data. Enjoy playing Subway Surfers and killing time easily

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