How to Use Subway Surfers AR Mode in Subway Studio

Subway Surfers has introduced the Subway Studio feature that allows players to bring game characters into real life via AR mode. Players love to create and share achievements on social media and keeping this in mind and to boost creativity and fun elements, Subway Surfers AR mode is available from the World Tour of Fantasy Fest update and onwards.

Here is a guide on How to use Subway Studio to create pictures and videos consisting of Jake, Tricky, Fresh, Spike, and 40+ others. All the virtual world characters enter into Reality via AR which seems to encourage users to share more Subway Surfers Update content through the internet.

How to Use Subway Studio

Upon updating Subway Surfers to its latest version of Fantasy Fest which is live from June 26, players can have new features of Subway Studio and AR available in the ‘Me’ section. Following simple steps to get your first shot at this Augmented Reality (AR).

How to Use Subway Surfers AR

How to use SUbway Surfers Studio and AR
How to use Subway Surfers Studio and AR
  1. Open/Update Subway Surfers
  2. Click on the Me section on the Home menu
  3. Choose Characters, Boards for Subway Studio
  4. Tap on the Camera icon located at the left center of the screen
  5. Capture images and videos
  6. Find plain ground to shoot videos/pics
  7. Share on social media

Features of Subway Studio AR

Subway Surfers Studio and AR
Subway Surfers Studio and AR

Being introduced into the game, not all the characters are available to use in AR mode while a total of 40+ characters are ready to use. Some mobile devices might not have a camera supporting AR, for them background with character mode is available.

  • Options of Image or Video
  • Variety of Outfits and Hoverboards
  • Running, Jumping, and Cool styles
  • Team Up with other characters
  • Only unlocked Surfers are used in Studio

Subway Surfers Studio AR Not Working

Subway Studio not working
Subway Studio not working

The cool features of AR are available for smartphones with supported AR cameras. Most new devices are compatible with AR mode allowing access to this feature. For those who cannot use this feature can try out the styles of characters in the game itself.

Subway Surfers is unlikely to bring AR to all devices as compatible AR system requirements are really important for user experience and enhancing animation. Here are a few contents replicating how cool characters look in this new mode.


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