7 Powerful Combinations in Plant vs Zombies 2

There are over 185 plants in Plant vs Zombies 2. Some of them are purely for eliminating Zombies, meanwhile, some are best suited for blocking them. Regardless, in order to succeed, you have to pick up some of the best and the most powerful plant combinations in Plant vs Zombies 2.

Throughout the game, there are plenty of plants that can be utilized for excellent annihilation. Here are the 7 best combos to use in Plant vs Zombies 2.

1. Thyme Warp + Puffball

As Thyme Warp teleports all the zombies back to their starting position, it can be effectively used with Puffball. Puffball, on exploding, poisons the zombies in its range, momentarily stunning and affecting them.

Drawback: Yet, the combination fails in front of the poison-resistant zombies.

2. Tumbleweed + Blubber

This attack combination works best against the High Damage withstanding zombies. Additionally, it perfectly does its work in the crowd as well. Tumbleweed pushes the foes back and Blubber assists it in doing so.

Drawback: The Tumbleweed + Blubber combo comes with a drawback. The zombies that can’t be knocked pose a serious threat.

3. Spear-mint + Thyme Warp

As mentioned earlier, Thyme Warp teleports the zombies back to the last lawn, Spear-mint plant can damage them with its Spikerocks. This combination is excellent against the hoard of enemies.

Drawback: The zombies like Gargantaur can easily eradicate the spikes, disrupting the entire strategy.

4. Shinevine + Bramblebush

As Shinevine produces Suns in addition to attacking and stunning zombies, it works best when planted on Bramblebush. Bramblebush will trap zombies and be assisted by Shinevine.

Drawback: This combo is best suited for the levels boasting a plethora of formidable zombies. It might not be a good choice to use against a low-health enemy.

5. Plant Food + Tile Turnip

When Plant Food is combined with a formidable plant, it adds a huge input to the attacker. In the same way, when Plant Food is used on Tile Turnip, it enhances the ability of Turnip, allowing them to transform a zombie into Imp.

Drawback: The only drawback of the combination is the type of zombies that can’t be affected by the magic. Likewise; Medusa can slaughter the Tile Turnip with ease.

6. Gatling Pea + Torchwood

The excellent pairing of Torchwood in front of Gatling Pea in Arena derives huge bonuses. The Torchwood turns the Normal Peas into the Fire Peas, making them twice deadlier than before.

Drawback: As the Excavator and Jester zombies can resist fire, they bear no effect from Torchwood.

7. Reinforce Mint + Peanut

Peanut can rightly be said a mixture of Pea Shooter and Walnut. And as the Reinforce Mint activates the food ability of plants, it can be used on Peanut to clear the whole column of zombies.

Drawback: As mentioned earlier, Jester and Excavator are the common enemies for this combination as well. 

The article mentions the best plant combinations with their drawbacks. Make sure to work on the drawback either by assisting them with other plants or by planting a cherry bomb.

Plant vs Zombies is a free-to-play action-strategy adventure tower defense game, developed by PopCap Games.


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