Clash of Clans: Town Hall 14 Easiest Attack Strategy

Town Hall 14 is among the highest levels of Town Hall in Clash of Clans, giving players access to a variety of new in-game mechanisms. This addition enables players to take up a plethora of attack strategies, try various troop combinations, and conquer a base.

Players can go smoothly when well-acquainted with the game. Still, some clashers might face difficulty in choosing the best attack strategy. To ease such efforts, here is the easiest attack to three-star any Town Hall 14 base.

This attack strategy will use these troop combinations:

  • 7 Balloons
  • 7 Dragons
  • 5 Dragon Riders
  • 2 Lightning Spells
  • 3 Rage Spells
  • 3 Freeze Spells
  • Clan Castle: 1 Battle Blimp + 1 Rage Spell + 1 Freeze spell

Clash of Clans: How to Execute Attack at Town Hall 14?

The foremost goal of this attack strategy will be to eliminate Air Sweepers and the 2 lightning spells are for the same task. First, you will take down 1 air sweeper with 2 lightning spells and start the attack from the blind side of the other sweeper.

Create a funnel

Funnel creation is the essence of every attack strategy and the given attack is no different. Start creating the funnel with a Barbarian King and an Archer Queen. When the room is open for troops to enter, start deploying balloons, followed by Dragons and Dragon Riders.

Use of Spells and Battle Blimp

Using spells accurately significantly increases the chance of successfully destroying the base. In this attack, use 2 rage spells as soon as the army has entered the layout, in such a way that the sphere of the spell will cover most of the troops.

After the Rage, the freeze spell must be used cautiously. Freeze spells might add additional input when used on Eagle Artillery, Inferno Tower, Scattershot, and on Town Hall.

Once the balloons and dragons are on their way towards the Town Hall, deploy Battle Blimp and use the Grand Warden’s special ability. The special ability will give esteemed troops a protective cover which will take down the Town Hall. The reason for emphasizing protection from the Town Hall is due to its blasting ability when destroyed.

Following the given steps will easily assure three stars on almost all Town Hall 14 Bases.

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