Clash of Clans: Clashy AI Guide (New Feature)

Clash of Clans is on the way to bring one of the biggest updates in history. You are correct, this is a Builder Base 2.0 update which will be changing the nature of attacking and defending along with day and night modes added to new features.

Also, the Clashy AI tool has been revealed which helps to manage Clan and improvements strategic gameplay. Let’s understand Clashy AI and its surprising features that are worth using in day-to-day life.

Clashy AI

COC Clashy AI
COC Clashy AI

Let O.T.T.O.B.o.t transform how you play Builder Base, and allow the pseudo-intelligent Clashy Al to help you manage your day-to-day Clash activities.

COC has worked hard on the next project of Clashy AI which is similar to Chatgpt of Supercell world. One can use text/speech to get relevant info about almost everything in Clash of Clans. It’s simply a personal assistant of each member of clan.

What Clashy AI can do?

Clashy AI is capable to perform various task which includes performance report of each clan member, War Stats, Resources count, Army composition, Friends List, watch on eSports news, and more. Everything seems fun and exciting at the same time.

When is Clashy AI coming to Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans plans to roll out this feature in the upcoming April Update along with Builder Base 2.0 update. A simple glance at Clashy AI features has been provided through sneap Peak on the official YouTube of Clash of Clans

Advantages and Disadvantages of Clashy AI


Clash AI has been programmed to increase user experience and benefit players through game progress. The ultimate goal is to make COC easier to play and chill while Clash AI works endlessly without taking breaks for you.


This is the first time Supercell to bring AI feature in the game. Being in beta mode and new, players might face few problems caused unintentionally. Like Kicking out worst player might get ourselves kicked out of from clan.


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