Sakura Stand: How to get Ichigo Kurosaki [Kill Hallows & Adjuchas]

Roblox Sakura Stand yet again released a new update. With Ichigo Update, a new quest has been assigned for the player to unlock Ichigo Kurosaki along with its four forms. As a thumb rule, users can easily unlock each form by defeating Hallows followed by Adjuchas in the Hueco Mundo area.

Sakura Stand Codes for Ichigo Update
Sakura Stand Codes for Ichigo Update

Here is a guide on becoming Ichigo as well as its V1, V2, V3, and V4 versions. There are two new codes available for Ichigo Update – 110KLIKES & CLASSICAUDDY for free rewards.

How to get Ichigo Kurosaki in Sakura Stand?

Standless mode
Standless mode

The new protagonist has a wide variety of abilities and is a perfect competitor against tough bosses. With the help of Standless, killing enemy Hallows helped become Ichigo in the fastest way.

  1. Go to the Hueco Mundo location in the Sakura Stand
  2. The player should be equipped with Standless from Stand Storage
  3. Kill the Hallows until a new one keeps spawning
  4. At one point, the user unlocks Ichigo Kurosaki’s character.
  5. Now, keep on rolling with the help of tokens to transform into Ichigo V2.

Where is the Hueco Mundo Location in Sakura Stand?

New location
New location

A secret portal exists that allows users to enter a dark world and fight off Adjuchas and Hallows. The Bankai Quest is common to collect higher forms.

  1. Teleport to Sakurian City in Roblox
  2. In the Lobby, head towards the shop located near the mountain
  3. Beside this shop lies a secret portal that leads towards the Hueco Mundo area.
  4. Purchase the entry with $2000 and enter the battle
  5. Once purchased, players can enter the portal again and again for the rest of the game.
Ichigo V2 & V3
Ichigo V2 & V3

As a prerequisite, users should have experience in killing Hallows in Standless mode. Later, killing Adjuchas drops Ichigo V3 which is a moderate difficulty task.


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