Roblox Tower Heroes: All 25 Egg Locations in Egg Hunt

Egg Hunt has started in Tower Heroes and players are assigned the objective of collecting 25 eggs from various hidden locations. As players struggle to claim most of the eggs, here is a guide on egg location allowing users to quickly gather egg tokens.

Egg Hunt Tower Heroes

Egg Hunt in Tower Heroes
Egg Hunt in Tower Heroes

With the help of simple teamwork, players can collect all the eggs by accomplishing the secret objectives of the game. Below is a list of eggs along with a way to find them across various maps.

  • Chef Egg: Present beside bags near the leaderboard
  • Coin Egg: Hidden inside the Currency Shop tab. Search across all the offers
  • Nuki Egg
  • Captured Egg
  • Waterlands Egg
  • Jester Egg: Choose Jester inside Pixel Art and claim instantly
  • Treasured Egg
  • Eggshroom
  • Taco Egg
  • Body Swap Egg
  • Power Egg
  • Blooming Egg
  • Moly Egg
  • Lonely Egg
  • Pixel Egg
  • Slime King Egg
  • Noob Inside Egg
  • Ghostly Egg
  • Tidal Egg
  • Egg of the Sky
  • Eggboy Super Egg
  • Hunters Egg of Champion
  • Egg of Close Calls
  • Rock: Take the stairs towards the club. You can see a tunnel leading towards the egg after removing the cover of the wall.
  • Figure Egg
Location of Egg
Location of Egg

Few eggs randomly spawn across the map while most require Roblox mini-games to be played or complete missions. As Egg Hunt has plenty of time, users can explore all the possibilities.


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