King Legacy: How to get Ethereal Sword [Defeat Red Eye Ape & Sea Beast Race]

With Update 6, players can not only awaken Dough & Snow but also complete live events, battle against Sea Beast Race and unlock new swords. Such a sword is Ethereal of the highest rarity and strength that the user can equip in the game.

To collect the Ethereal Sword, the player needs to defeat Red Eye Ape, a boss that spawns only on the night of Blood Moon. Here is a detailed guide and steps that will ensure every player progresses in King Legacy.

How to get Ethereal in King Legacy

New sword
New sword

Through various sneak peeks, it was known that Wielded swords would be making their way in the game. Along with them, an extremely powerful and efficient sword has been introduced – Ethereal.

Not only is the visual look attractive but every moveset deals excessive damage compared to earlier weapons.

1. Wait for Blood Moon

Step 1
Step 1

Blood Moon is a special event which takes place after 2 days. On the third night, an event spawns Red Eye Ape which will later be our key to reaching Ethereal sword.

2. Defeat Red Eye Ape in Blood Moon

Step 2
Step 2

Once Blood Moon has started, it’s time to join the event and look for areas that spawn a new enemy boss. By killing Red Eye Ape, there are few chances to drop Ethereal and chest keys in most cases.

Keep on repeating this process. If you are lucky, Ethereal would drop in the first attempt while most players need to grind until more battles take place.

In most cases, players will be able to claim Ethereal by defeating Red Eye Ape twice in the same day.

How to get Sea Beast Race in King Legacy

Sea Beast Race
Sea Beast Race

During the same event, the player can start a quest that reveals the location of Sea Beast. It is recommended to accomplish both tasks simultaneously for ease.

Once a player encounters a riddle in which a rearrangement of puzzle pieces is to be done to reveal Sea Beast. The next step includes defeating the monster with Ethereal for rewards.


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