King Legacy Update 6: Snow & Dough Awakening (2 New Codes)

King Legacy Update 6 is out with plenty of new additions to the game. The most remarkable feature is Snow & Dough awakening which can be achieved for almost all players with little grinding. In the upcoming time, plenty of new quests will be coming for exclusive rewards.

For this Update 6, there are two new codes available.

New Codes for King Legacy
New Codes for King Legacy
  • Update6: x10 copper key
  • DOUGHAWAKENING: 20 mins of x2EXP

King Legacy Update 6

New features
New features

Since the release of the last update, not many new things have been introduced for several months. Breaking the silence, developers added the following features which will require high skills to master.

  • Snow V2
  • Dough V2
  • Gum Gum Fruit (Revamped)
  • Sea Beast Race
  • Blood Moon
  • Jungle Ape
  • New Island
  • Ethereal sword
  • Wielded Sword

How to get Dough Awakening in King Legacy

Dough Fruit
Dough Fruit

Dough Fruit is the newest addition to the fruit list. Also, it can further be awakened to unlock its special ability and moves that deal enormous damage to the enemy and boss.

  • Z: Bouncy Fist
  • X: Missile Dough
  • C: Glutinous Bind
  • V: Sticky Assault
  • B: Sharpen Spike
  • E: Spike Spiral

Dough Awakening can be unlocked by opening the chest. As chances for a successful drop are extremely low, the user needs to repeat the process several times. Once claimed, awakening moves are worth spending time on.

Snow Awakening in King Legacy

Snow fruit
Snow fruit

Update 6 is a massive update that has revamped and brought two fruits simultaneously. Snow Awakening focuses on dealing direct damage to the enemy with its unique moveset.

  • E: Winter Wing
  • Z: Frostflake
  • V: Blizzard Blake
  • C: Frost Cardplay
  • X: Blizzard Ballet


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