WhatsApp is rolling out feature to pin upto three messages in a chat

WhatsApp is rolling out a beta feature, allowing users to pin up to three messages in chats. Previously, the pinning was restricted to just one message at a time. WhatsApp Beta for Android update is now available on the Google Play Store, with a new interface to have more control over your chats.

WABetaInfo spotted the feature, where the upper limit for the message pinning is three. Users can also select the period of the pinned chats. In case a user pins a fourth message, the oldest pinned text will be unpinned. The publication has praised the feature as a flexible way to organize messages.

Whatsapp message pin
Now you can pin up to three messages (Image via WABetInfo)

Even though the feature appears quite handy, it’s made available for a few users using WhatsApp Beta. So the non-beta users might have to wait a little more to dive into the feature.

Stay Organized!

Given the entrance of businesses on WhatsApp, there might also be a few instances where organizing chats becomes crucial. Thanks to this multiple pinning, now you don’t have to scroll all chats to locate one.

However, the pinning should not be limited to a mere 3 messages. Nonetheless, pinning more than 3 messages is not expected very soon.

More coming

Whatsapp chat filters
WhatsApp chat filters (Image via WABetaInfo)

WhatsApp is indeed looking forward to easing the efforts of its users. For instance, the Beta update is introducing chat filters. Chat filter will show just a kind of chats from the list; Unread, Groups, and All.


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