Lego Fortnite Mechanical Mayhem: How to craft vehicles?

Lego Fortnite Mechanical Mayhem Update brings multiple vehicles for players to enjoy the journey rather than reaching the destination. The v29.10 includes vehicles – Speeder, Hauler, and Offroader. Power Cell, Biomass, and Compost Bins are a few primary items required to craft power vehicles.

How to Craft Vehicles in Lego Fortnite

As a thumb rule, the player must collect major vehicle parts and fuse them to form a working unit. Below are detailed guides on unlocking vehicles using resources hidden across the maps.

How to create a Compost Bin?

Compost Bin
Compost Bin

Compost Bin is one of the latest additions to the game used for several purposes. Simply collect the required items and fuse them into a fully functional unit.

  • Sand
  • Fertilizers
  • Soil
  • Planks

Sand can be collected by digging in the desert while Soil from the farm area. Cut the trees for planks while feeding animals for Fertilizers as a byproduct.

How to create Biomass?


Biomass is needed to further create Power Cells. The player must have unlocked the Compost Bin which converts stuff into useful forms.

The meat has a high probability of converting into pure biomass while features turn into fertilizers. Also, it takes a long time for machines to craft items.

How to get Power Cells in Lego Fortnite?

Power Cell
Power Cell

Power Cells are an energy source that makes vehicles run efficiently over a long period. By combining Biomass with glass pieces, Power Cells can be crafted from the Compost Bins themselves.

It is optimal to have fifty biomass as well as six glass pieces before fusing them.

How to craft Speeder?


Once batteries are created, it’s time to create our first vehicle that can be used to travel long distances and show off as achievements.

In the beginning, select a suitable area to deploy the base followed by the driver seat, wheels, and power center. Have a test drive and keep pushing limits with other units as well.

How to craft Offroader?


With the help of simple 5 stages, anyone can get Offroader which is far better compared to Speeder. Start with the vehicle base followed by seats until the driver’s cabin has been formed. Have a vehicle roof, suspension tools, and power cells.

How to build a Hauler?


A Hauler is a large truck-like vehicle capable of transporting heavy loads. Start from the lower base and suspensions. The stairs are important in Hauler along with big tyres and powered tools.



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