Lego Fortnite: Try Fishing Quests Guide [v28.30 Update]

LEGO Fortnite v28.30 has added plenty of new things to the game. Being one of the best updates, various new items have been included along with quests and hidden secrets. Here is everything you need to know about Try Fishing Quests which will help you collect fishing items easily.

Lego Fortnite Try Fishing Quests

Fortnite Quests
Fortnite Quests

Players always find new quests exciting as limits are pushed and cross-connections between newly introduced stuff. After completing this mission, the following unlockables will be yours for further development.

  • Fishing Rod
  • Compassi & Spyglass
  • Glass
  • Floppers (Vendetta, Blue etc)
  • Charms (Reflection & Wavebreaker)
  • Bait Bucket

Now, let’s dive into various sub-missions that need to be completed during this event.

How to complete Try Fishing Quests in Lego Fortnite

FIshing Update
Fishing Update

There are mainly two sets containing missions that provide opportunities to unlock new things as well as upgrade them. Go Fishing followed by Master Fishing would ultimately let you claim Bonus Goal.

  • Craft Fishing Rod (Survival Mode)
  • Eat Fish Food
  • Use Bait Bucket to Fish
  • Catch Fish at Night
  • Catch Fish in the Ocean
  • Catch Fish in Frostlands
  • Rare Fishing Rod Crafting
  • Any Colour Flopper (Legendary)
Quest Guide
Quest Guide

After accomplishing each of these sub-tasks, the player will get a bonus goal twice and move ahead in the walkthrough of the Lego Fortnite.


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