Clash Royale introduces second Evolution slot from the February season

From the Explosive Valentine season of February 2024, players can try out multiple evolved units in the arena. Clash Royale plans to add a second evolution slot for players having a King Tower of level 15 or above.

It has been a great time using Evolution Troops for a long but the whole deck strategy can be altered as from now onwards we have two evolutionary units clashing in the battles.

Second Evolution Slot from Explosive Valentine Season

Two slots available
Two slots available

As per the official blog post, Clash Royale has previously experimented and internal playtesting reveals the presence of two super-powered troops can make battles even more fun and competitive.

Further, players who reach King Level 54 can use their second slot as soon as it unlocks. At this stage, over 66% of crashes have more than two evolved troops and thus fairplay can still be secured.

Why Need for 2 Slots of Evolutionary Units?

Changes to deck
Changes to deck

“Through our internal playtesting, as well as the Royal Tournament we ran in December, the unanimous feeling was simple… playing with two Evolutions is just plain fun.”

Earlier, users were restricted to selecting only one unit of this kind which hindered the perfect deck composition they wished for. Also, players with ordinary troops can no longer have a chance to win against Evolution Deck.

Which Evolution cards to consider for victory?

best cards to choose
best cards to choose

At this moment, the player has two slots and should be properly equipped, one with attacking troops and the other with defensive. This balances the deck and can be protective and aggressive at the same time.

Keep on experimenting with different compositions and select one that effectively utilizes the skills of the player.


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