Palworld Might be Coming to Mobile Devices

The Pokemon with Guns game, Palworld, has taken the internet by storm and continues to break the records of the gaming industry. Palworld sold over 4 million copies in just 3 days, reaching 815,000 concurrent players on the Steam chart.

If we continue to count, a long list of records will be set by Palworld. This record-shattering survival is about to enter a different verse.

From the official job posting of Pocket Pair, it is appropriate that the game might get its release date on mobile devices soon.

Pocket Pair’s job posting is looking for developers who can design and develop games using Unity. It looks like the candidate’s experience with Unity will get preference. (Unity is a cross-platform game engine widely used for creating Real-Time 3D Content.)

Pocket Pair expects the developers to develop game systems that are the core of the play, followed by attractive actions, animations, and expressions for characters.

From the above requirements, it is evident that the studio is up to something. Given the following charm of the position, Pocket Pair has emphasized on creating resources that adds enhanced gameplay experience.

“Pocket Pair has a different approach than any other gaming company. Rather than creating generic objects such as wood or stone for the background, we focus our resources on models that provide a unique experience. We don’t create any useless things,” says Pocket Pair.

Are you waiting for Palworld’s debut on mobile devices? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comment section.

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