Naruto: How Powerful is Hashirama Senju?

In Naruto, The Hidden Leaf Village stands to be a testament to the prowess of the Shinobi World. It was the first one to inaugurate the position of kage, a supreme leader of the village, and the rank was bestowed with the lineage of 7 of the strongest Ninjas. Each Hokage portrayed indispensable qualities in sustaining The Leaf Village throughout the course of the 4 Great Ninja Wars.

Even though all the Hokages were formidable in their own right, none came any closer to that of The God of Shinobi, Hashirama Senju. Hashirama, the first Hokage was the most fearsome Shinobi, and for a good reason.

Hashirama’s legacy is rooted in his extraordinary physical prowess

Hashirama Senju in Naruto

Hashirama Senju, the first incarnation of Asura Otsutsuki, possessed astonishing combat skills. His large pool of Chakra reservoir allowed him to confront the Nine-Tailed Beasts. With his immense physical prowess, Hashirama was able to engage in battles against Madara that even involved the mighty Nine-Tailed Fox, Kurama.

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Hashirama’s strength wasn’t solely reliant on raw power, it was Hashirama’s accomplishment of mastery over Chakra control that stood him apart. He achieved unparalleled command over all five Chakra natures, a feat that only a handful of Shinobi achieved. By utilizing his techniques Hashirama was even able to precisely block Tailed-Beast Bombs using the Great God Gates.

Another facet of Hashirama’s supremacy was his unique Kekkei Genkai

Hashirama Senju using Sage Mode In Naruto

Wood Release, the fusion of water and earth style, granted him the ability to absorb, suppress, and manipulate chakra. This was a reason why Kurama fell short in encountering Hashirama. The wood release manifested the World-Flowering Tree technique, whose pollens proved to be formidable enough to even corrode Madara’s Susanoo.

Hashirama’s proficiency extended even to the Sage Mode, and its amalgamation with the Wood Release Technique allowed him to summon the Thousand Hands of Buddha statue, which delivered 1,000 Gatling punches at a time.

Hashirama excelled in the realm of Medical Ninjutsu

Hashirama and Madara Statues in the Valley

Other than combat skills, Hashirama was pre-eminent in Medical Ninjutsu. Techniques like Cellular Regeneration, Creation Rebirth, and Yin Healing Wound Destruction showcase his medical prowess. Even Madara acknowledged Hashirama’s expertise in healing injuries without waiving any hand signs.

Hashirama’s significance topped his era; even after his death, his influence persisted

Madara Hashirama Senju face

The Fourth Great Ninja War revealed the true extent of Madara Uchiha’s power, particularly after awakening the Rinnegan. However, it is essential to note that the feat was made possible with the cells of Hashirama. During the epic clash at the valley, Madara managed to obtain a piece of Hashirama’s flesh. Implanting these cells in his body advanced Madara’s might to remarkable heights, enabling him to not only awaken the Rinnegan but also to wield jutsu that were exclusive to Hashirama Senju.


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