All 7 Admirals in ‘One Piece’, Ranked by Strength

The One Piece Admirals are the bulwarks of the World Government and among the strongest characters in the entire series. Admirals are the most fearsome personalities, dedicated to restoring absolute justice by keeping the Pirates in check.

To confront the Pirates, the World Government formed an organization called Marine, with one Fleet Admiral at the helm, and three Admirals serving under. Thus far, the One Piece series has chronicled a total of six Fleet Admirals and Admirals; Sengoku, Kizaru, Kuzan, Aokiji, Ryokugyo, and Fujitora, along with one non-canon Admiral; Zephyr, from the movie One Piece: Z, each wielding immense strength and excellent command over Haki.

7. Zephyr

One Piece Formal Admiral Zephyr

Zephyr is a non-cannon character from the movie One Piece: Z, a former Admiral, who served as a commander-in-chief of Neo-Marines. Even after his capitulation from the Marines, he trained some of the strongest Marine forces, including Aokiji, Akainu, and Kizaru. 

Devil Fruit: Unlike most of the Admirals, Zephyr doesn’t retain the power of any devil fruit. His strength comes merely from his Haki and strong physical prowess.

Current Status: As Zephyr is a non-cannon character, there is no much relevance and his presence in the original Manga or Series.

6. Fujitora

Fujitora from One Piece

Similar to Ryukugyo, Fujitora joined after the time skip, and the Dressrosa Arc witnessed his formidable potential. Fujitora is a firm believer in Human Justice, striving to save as many people as possible. Fujitora encloses incredible strength, which enabled him to stand still against The Flame Emperor – Sabo. Fujitora’s observation of Haki is truly astonishing, and it is evident in his fights despite his blindness.

Devil Fruit: Fujitora ate one of the strongest devil fruits; Zushi Zushi no Mi, a paramecia type of devil fruit. By manipulating the powers of this devil fruit, he can exploit Gravitational Force at his will. He has the ability to attract and repulse attacks, and even summon asteroids.

Current Status: Fujitora is one of the strongest master swordsmen, and currently sitting on the throne of an Admiral.

5. Ryukugyo

Admiral Ryokugyo in One Piece

Ryukugyo is one of the three Marine Admirals in One Piece, who made his debut in Reverie Arc. In the 1053 episode of Manga, Ryukugyo achieved a remarkable feat by effortlessly defeating both of Kaido’s Lead Performers, Queen and King. Sanji and Zoro had been pushed to their limits while battling these two, and Ryukugyo’s easy victory over them positions him as one of the strongest characters in the series, surpassing nearly all the Straw Hat pirates except for Luffy.

Devil Fruit: Ryukugyo ingested the Mori Mori no Mi, a logia type of devil fruit that allows him to manipulate and transform his body into plants. In one fight scene, he is shown to regenerate at an incredible rate and regrow by sprouting.

Current Status: Ryukugyo filled two Admiral ranks, vacated by Akainu and Kuzan.

4. Aokiji

One Piece Aokiji Former Admiral

Aokiji was the first Admiral to be introduced to the viewers in the anime, showcasing the true potential of a World Government’s power. While he is well-known for his adherence to World Government order, there have been instances where he disregarded them; one such case was the Ohara incident, where he allowed Nico Robin to escape.

Devil Fruit: He wields the powers of Hie Hie no Mi devil fruit. This devil fruit grants Kuzan the ability to form, control, and transform his body into ice. Kuzan is one of the rare devil fruit users who can overcome the fear of drowning in water, simply by freezing the whole ocean. Even though Aokiji can transform into ice, he is vulnerable to attacks, even without coating Haki.

Current Status: Following the intense clash between Kuzan and Akainu, Kuzan left the Marine and joined the Blackbeard Pirates. Presently, Kuzan holds the position of one of the Ten Titanic Captains of Blackbeard Pirates.

3. Kizaru

Kizaru Haki One Piece

Following Kuzan’s resignation and Akainu’s promotion, Kizaru is the ole remaining Admirals from the previous trio. In the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, Kizaru’s mere presence was enough to incite panic among the pirates, where he casually overpowered four supernovas.

Devil Fruit: Kizaru possesses the power of Pika Pika no Mi devil fruit, which enables him to manipulate and transform into Light. This extraordinary ability allows Kizaru to move at the speed of light, easily outpacing the enemies. However, Kizaru can be confronted by using advanced Observation Haki.

Current Status: Kizaru still retains the position of a Marine Admiral.

2. Akainu

Akainu and Shanks from one piece

Most of the communities have speculated the supremacy of Akainu over other Admirals. Akainu seems to be extreme in his thought of absolute justice, which means evil must be eradicated at any cost. Despite his noble views, he is one of the most hated characters in One Piece, primarily due to his role in the death of Ace.

Devil Fruit: Akainu controls the powers of Magu Magu no Mi. This logia-type devil fruit allows him to control and manipulate Magma. As the Magma is hotter than Fire, he is able to drill a hole through Ace’s chest, by infusing it with Haki.

Current Status: Currently Akainu is the Fleet Admiral, serving directly under the World Government’s five elders and commander-in-chief Kang.

1. Sengoku

Sengoku from One Piece

During the first half of the One Piece series, Sengoku was the Fleet Admiral who sustained Marine and won against the Whitebeard Pirates. Even though much is not known about his past, Gol D. Roger praised Sengoku. Sengoku is among the most powerful characters, who managed to capture legendary pirate Shiki.

Devil Fruit: Sengoku ate the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu. This is a mythical Zoan type of devil fruit, which allows him to coast himself with Gold and rise his size. By manipulating his powers, he can create shockwaves, disrupting the enemy’s functioning.

Current Status: Currently, Sengoku is a Marine inspector and his position is taken by Fleet Admiral Akainu.


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