Defence Derby Guide: Best Decks, Hero Tier List, Tips & Tricks

Defence Derby is a new game released by BGMI’s parent company, Krafton is a PvP tower defense game. Just from its release date of July 26, Defence Derby Krafton has completed thousands of downloads allowing players to experience a new theme based unlike battle royale (which is known for) on Android as well as iOS.

In short, this game is a strategically styled single-player game allowing PvP competitive multiplayer matches to some extent.

Defence Derby Guide

how to play Defence Derby
how to play Defence Derby

Keeping the tower defense theme in mind, there are a total of 9 tiles or blocks which is space available to deploy heroes and their tier list. These units are static and fixed on the spot and can be changed after enemy waves. If you love to complete gameplay and walkthrough faster, it is recommended to choose the best tier list advancing over poor strategy.

This is a complete guide revealing tactics on how to play Defence Derby to rank higher in the leaderboard and win every multiplayer battle played.

Defence Derby Deck List

As we talked about before, Clash Mini & this game is based on the same theme requiring deck formation. As the game is new, most of the players are unaware of the best defense derby decks but worry not, we are here for you.

To make it more meaningful, first, create your own deck and the n later on below one to compare the required changes.

Defence Derby Deck

  • Cannon Master
  • Cold Bow
  • Frost Mage
  • Golem
  • Paladine
  • Wizard

Planning and execution before bots destroy the tower is the main aim of this game. Hence defence derby best deck is required and we have fulfilled this demand. NOw only thing players have to take care of is, never letting a wave of enemies control their main units which would worsen the situation.

Defence Derby Tier List

Defence Derby Tier List
Defence Derby Tier List

Reroll guide is the second most essential component after selecting the top tier lists that beats every wave in every scenario. Here is a list of army units to be carefully used in matches as their deck combination is powerful when united together

  • Amazon
  • Rifleman
  • Harpy
  • Leon
  • Archer
  • Viking
  • Mermaid
  • Scarlet (best)
  • Seria (favorite)

This is just a list of heroes, not knowing the abilities of a hero is useless if teamwork doesn’t work properly. So, have a look at the top decks provided in this article to get a good idea.

Defence Derby Redeem Codes

Defence Derby Redeem Codes
Defence Derby Redeem Codes

Similar to Roblox, Defence Derby provides players with a competitive advantage by listing Redeem Code through the shop section. Not only does this technique keep the gamer community intact with content creators but rewards users with free coins and diamonds as well.

  • DDCAFE250
  • DDCODE500

Please comment below if Coupon Codes are not available or working at the moment, these codes are limited to specific user capability and need to be updated in order to claim.

Defence Derby Tips and Tricks

  1. Choose the best Tier List for Defence Derby
  2. Create formation with these army units
  3. Make appropriate changes to strategy after each wave
  4. Save coins to upgrade units and unlock new maps
  5. Use Redeem Codes and Coupon Codes to get free rewards
  6. Be consistent to make yourself familiar and win battles

By following these tips and tricks, you have significantly boosted your chances to defend enemy players with ease and guaranteed reward and progress.


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