Hero Wars Summer Festival 2023: Solar Skins & Pass [Guide]

Hero Wars is an adventure-strategy game available for Mobile as well as PC (web). While Hero Wars Fantasy Game makes players chills throughout Android and iOS while limits are pushed in Hero Wars Domination. To make it furthermore meaningful, Summer Festival 2023 is arriving for a week bringing new skins to characters.

Hero Wars Summer Festival 2023

Hero Wars Update
Hero Wars Update

On the occasion of the new festival pass of Hero Wars, not only skins but other rewards are added and waiting for users to claim them. Of course, Summer Season Shop consists of premium offers but it’s essential to complete the mission to claim pass tier list rewards as well. Here are the following categories in which Summer Festival Pass has been divided.

  • Festival Pass
  • Festive Mood
  • Special Invitation
  • Solar Energy
  • Hardworking Bee
  • Surprise Fan
  • Fervor

These are enough tiers to keep users busy during the whole season. Hero Wars Cascade has been introduced which is a must for everyone to try out at least once in the battle and be sure to max level it. Collecting coins and gems is equally important and avoiding unnecessary wastage on past items is recommended along with Hero Wars News on a watch.

Hero Wars Summer Festival 2023: Solar Skins

Hero Wars Solar SKins 2023
Hero Wars Solar SKins 2023

Summer Fest event is an annual gathering of the most awaited rewards and gifts of Hero Wars Solar Skin happening in the Summer Update. At this time, Summer Skins are made available to a few heroes enabling a wide range of skills to get added to their bodies. Here is a list of skins available during the summer season of 2023.

  • Aiden: Magic Attack Skin
  • Heidi: Magic Attack Skin
  • Kayla: Health Skin
  • New: Hero Wars Cascade


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