Soul Knight Prequel Season 2: Mechacrisis Details

Soul Knight Prequel is a pixel-art action RPG game focused on defeating monsters to gain loot for upgrading and completing walkthroughs. Unique characters, classes, skills, and builds are prominent features of this game.

Recently, the roadmap for Season 2 has been revealed by ChillyRoom, developers of the Soul Knight franchise. As soon as Season 1: Xanadu’s Journey comes to an end, Mechacrisis season will take place with new additions to almost all areas.

Soul Knight Prequel Season 2: Mechacrisis

Season 2: Mechacrisis
Season 2: Mechacrisis

Season 2 is set to start on 28th April bringing new classes from other realms, extreme difficulty, and tier gear. It’s time for players to create a new build for the next season.

  • Resistance Bunker
  • 3 New Adventures
  • 5 New Classes
  • Projection Dungeon
  • Cybermod System
  • Multiplayer Challenges
  • Gear & Fatebound
  • Season Order Medallion
  • Adjustment & Optimizations

New Classes

New Classes
New Classes

S2 unexpectedly brings 1 initial class followed by 4 prestige classes. Have a look at them.

  • Voidfarer: A unit teleported from an alien realm and greater hand over magic such as inscrutable and tenebrous. Belongs to the initial class.
  • Astral Mage: Astral Mage is categorized as a prestige class and is a fusion of Voidfarer & Tempest Mage. Being highly intelligent, void-related phenomenons are possible with his elemental inversion theory.
  • Dark Ranger: The perfect duo of Archer and Voidfarner. Keeps on attacking fierce arrows until the enemy is alive.
  • Dreadknight: A fearless knight equipped with powerful and heavy armor that is indestructible. Once United with Warriors, the duo has no match for any adventure.
  • Necromancer: A prestige class with the ability to communicate with immortal spirits. Also fusion of Voidfarer and Animancer.

Resistance Bunker

A new town that is suitable underground in the depths of the moon. With few variations to gravity, each class hero has several benefits and drawbacks here.

3 Adventures added


Soul Knight Prequel has made minor adjustments to chapters and towns but heavily impacted adventures. Lucent Corridor, Terminus Ixion, and Kernel Subspace will be available from season 2 onwards.

Season Order Medallion Rewards

Season rewards
Season rewards

Players can grind to unlock free rewards in the season while higher items through Gold Order Medallion. The reward list includes Voidfarer, fresh skins, dynamic weapons, home decor, and furniture.


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