Now we have a full list of specs for the upcoming PS5 Pro

Back in March, Tom Henderson at Insider Gaming reported the leaked specifications for Sony’s upcoming console PlayStation 5 Pro. Later The Verge confirmed the details are accurate and the console is currently set to release during the holiday 2024 period.

Now, thanks to another report of The Verge by Tom Warren, we have a complete list of specifications of the codenamed Trinity – PS5 Pro. Sony has already asked developers to prepare for compatibility with the new console, with a special focus on Ray Tracing.

All known specifications for PlayStation 5 Pro

PS5 Pro
Image via The Verge

Here is a glance at the specs, according to documents outlining the upcoming console:

  • More Powerful GPU
  • Rendering 45% faster than PS5
  • CPU: 3.85GHz CPU frequency – that is 10 more than standard PS5
  • Unused power on the CPU side is sent to the GPU
  • 45 percent faster than the current PlayStation 5
  • 28 percent increase in system memory i.e., from 448GB/s to 576GB/s
  • AI Accelerator, supporting 300 TOPS of 8-bit computation / 67 TFLOPS of 16-bit floating point
  • Capability with ray tracing, higher resolutions, and frame rates
  • May support 8k resolution, along with reduced latency

As specified above, the increased memory allocation supports Sony’s new PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR). It is similar to Nvidia’s DLSS or AMD’s FSR for improved image quality.  Moreover, Sony has built a ‘custom architecture for machine learning’, which is the frame rate upscaling asset and will have full HDR support. But, it requires 250MB of memory. That is why the increased memory will aid this mechanism.

Given the last point, Sony’s PS5 is witnessing 2ms of latency for upscaling to 4k from 1080p. The manufacturer has stated that they are working on it, and might even scale the resolution to 8k.

Release date of PS5 Pro

As Insider Gaming already had the documentation, the outlet specified that first-party studios already have Devkits available from September 2023 and third-party publishers from early January 2024. 

The Testkits, which are similar to the final PS5 Pro, will be available in Spring 2024. Therefore, PS5 Pro is speculated to holiday 2024 release.


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