Brawl Stars appoints Drew Haycock as Third Community Manager

Brawl Stars has added Drew Haycock, as the third Community Manager. Adding a new community manager has made the trio complete and buckled to level up Brawl Stars’ popularity.

Supercell appoints Drew Haycock as the third Community Manager for Brawl Stars.

Drew will work with Màrcio Bacalhau and Daniel Medeiro to shape Brawl Stars and expand the audience.

Drew Hancock’s Career at Supercell

Drew Haycock (Middle)
Drew Haycock (Middle)

A few months back, Drew Haycock officially announced the leaving of Clash Royale after serving for more than 5 years. The exact reason was not known at that time. But now we know the reason behind this unexpected decision that shook the whole CR community.

As per insider news, Brawl Stars has been constantly gaining popularity for the last year. Also, Brawl Stars’ revenue has surpassed Clash of Clans and requires more attention than ever. This might be the reason for the addition of a new CM. Some consider Level 12 arriving faster than ever.

Drew has officially joined the community managers
byu/XxC0SMICxX inBrawlstars

Drew has been part of Supercell for several years. Before becoming Brawl Stars Community Manager, he successfully managed Clash Royale for 6 years before stepping from the position.

Other notable responsibility includes Community Manager at Bin Weevils, a BAFTA award-winning game for 4 consecutive years.


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