Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to Get 200,000 Gold in a Few Hours?

It’s just a few days since the Dragon’s Dogma 2 is live, and players have found a glitch to get 200,000 gold in a few hours. And, they are already exploiting it. As Gold is one of the in-game currencies, Arisens must rely on it for purchases. With that in mind, this guide will go over on how to get 200,000 gold in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

How to Get Gold Easily in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Dragon's Dogma 2 Gold
Dragon’s Dogma 2 Gold

As the game is in testing mode, it is evident that encounters a glitch. Take the complete benefit of this flaw before it is fixed forever.

  1. Set your Pawn Quest to kill a monster. (Here, the monster can be an ogre, cyclops, chimera, or any scary-looking monster from Dragon’s Dogma 2)
  2. Fix the quest reward to 10,000 gold. Please note that will ask for 10,000 gold in advance. And, multiple people can hire the designated pawn for the reward without paying this sum multiple times.

    Pawn Quest in Dragon's Dogma 2
    Set reward to 10,000 gold
  3. Go to the Riftstone and search for the pawns having 10k as the reward. Make sure they both have a quest reward for 10k gold.
  4. Summon the pawns and slay the monster specified in the Quest.

In this process, in case players get lucky, they might end up hiring 2 pawns, each having a 10,000 gold reward. This method works more effectively when there are more number of players on board doing the quest.

As Pawns return when players resting at the home or an inn, another 10k gold must be spent then. Henceforth it is advised to reside near a campfire. Players can also set the reward for more than 10k gold, but the end might not be satisfactory.

To make finding Pawns easier, you can check the comment section of this r/DragonsDogma post to get the Pawn ID.

Source: The method specified is given by Thick_Shady, who managed to secure 200k gold in just 2 hours. Reddit/Thick_Shady


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