Netflix Games is Bringing Hades to iPhone and iPad

Supergiant Games has unveiled plans to bring the award-winning roguelike dungeon crawler, Hades, exclusively to the Netflix Games library on iPads and iPhones. The game is set to make its mobile debut in 2024, with the exact release date yet to be disclosed.

For enthusiasts eager to enjoy the underworld of Hades on their mobile devices, a Netflix subscription and an iOS device running iOS 16 or later will be prerequisites.

Hades, known for its captivating rogue-like dungeon exploration where players challenge the God of Death within the realm of Greek mythology, initially launched in September 2020. Within just a year, it gathered over 1 million units in sales and secured the Golden Joystick Awards and The Game Awards 2020.

The game’s popularity among PC and console gamers might have driven its expansion to the mobile realm. While the initial release will be exclusive to iOS, there’s a possibility of it branching out to Android devices in the future, although no concrete plans have been confirmed yet.

Hades Mobile

Addressing queries about an Android release, Supergiant stated, “We appreciate the interest, though we have no plans for additional versions of Hades at this time.”

In collaboration with Secret6, the mobile version of Hades is currently in development, boasting fully customizable controls tailored for this platform. Features such as cloud saving and achievements will be supported, though cross-progression with other platforms will not be available.

The move to bring Hades to iOS aligns with the positive trajectory of the Apple gaming industry, especially with the anticipation surrounding the upcoming Apple M3 Chip GPU upgrade and the exclusive release of The Resident Evil 4 Remake for Apple Devices. iOS users are poised to enjoy a diverse range of gaming titles in the near future.


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