Hay Day Events Week 17: All Events This Week

Hay Day is one of the best farm games for mobiles. Players have been playing it for years without getting bored or frustrated. This is due to new game additions made on each update that shapes Hay Day even more lovely than before. To provide a boost to gaming resources and progress, Supercell brings Events Week which consists of a series of events taking place.

Hay Day Events Week 17

Now is time for Hay Day Events Week 17 to keep players busy farming and building stuff to chill their stressed minds. Here is complete information on events that will last for this week.

Hay Day Events
Hay Day Events

List of Events

  • Monday: Truck Barn Event
  • Tuesday: Boat Event
  • Wednesday: Town Visitor Event
  • Thursday-Saturday: Global Helping Event
  • Sunday: Spin the Wheel Event

All the events in Hay Day starts at standard time of 8AM UTC which is perfect time to grab opportunities for rewards. Truck Barn additionally provides Silo to upgrades material along with extra barn. While Boat Event has 2X XP this time. Wednesday provides chance to 2X reputation for better visitor attraction.

Sunday has spin the wheel having 1 Land Expansion permit guarenteed while possibility of 2 may rise. Enjoy playing Hay Day.

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