Zelda: Tears of Kingdom - How to clear Thunder head Isle storm?

Thunderhead Isles

In Legends of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom, Thunderhead Isle is in the sky, swallowed by a storm. Let's get started with the guide to clear the storm.

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Complete totk's regional phenomena main quest


Purah will be providing us the task. 1st is to assist Rito, Zora, Goron, and Gerudo. Complete the races and get back to Purah again.

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TotK's Crysis at Hyrule Castle main quest


Purah will give a certain task to work upon. After completing the second quest by Purah, get the third one.

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Find the fifth sage


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secret of the ring ruins


Following and completing the Ring Ruins quest will eventually to solve some riddles. Hereby clearing the Thunderhead Isle Storm.