Things You Wish Knew Sooner in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Players have been playing Zelda since its launch but unfortunately many secrets and discoveries remain unhidden. Now is the time to explore them and everyone should know about it.

Here are things that players didn't know but should be aware of before playing Zelda.

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It might sound obvious but players tend to craft weapons out of wood and material but fuse materials help existing ones to be more efficient and better versions.

Players can fuse weapons

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Protagonists can have the choice to use shrines whenever needed but the best way to try is enabling it most of the time. Shrines boost actions and result in faster Walkthrough, pretty important tips Huh!

keep shrines active all the time

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Players might cook multiple food recipes and consume them based on an abundance of ingredients. But eating next recipe kills power of earlier one giving out no good outcome

Recipes effect dont last over other

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Being a sequel, players think the basics and mechanism remain the same but as usual they are wrong. New things make Tears of the Kingdom better than its prequel. Making it a beloved one.

Forget learned from Zelda: Breadth of Fire