Resident Evil 4 remake: Church puzzle guide

Written by Jay Kakade

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Resident Evil 4 remake's church puzzle involves pieces of glass puzzled, which needs to be deciphered. Decoding the church puzzle opens a secret gate.

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Collect Blue Dial

In order to collect Blue Dial, enter the right lane upon entering the church. Open the case and claim it.

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Pull The lever

On collecting the diall, pull the lever on the left side of the glass puzzle.

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Place the dial

Place the blue dial at the box that will pop up.

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Rotate dials

Rotate the dials till the exact match of puzzle is guaranTEED. If you are not getting the exact position, then :

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Positions of Dials

Here is rough check of their positions: Blue Dial: pointing down Green Dial: Pointing Right Red Dial: pointing left

Congratulations! You have successfully solved the church glass puzzle