Ways to gain stamina in Zelda: tears of the kingdom

Characters require energy and stamina all the time to cope up with instant dangers from wilds or monsters. One way to increase stamina is through eating food recipes.

Here is a guide and ways to maintain the stamina that TotK players keep alive even in the worst scenarios

1. Eating Food Recipes

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There are over 200+ recipes and hence easier for players to cook food to regain lost hearts and stamina. The most popular way that always works in needy situations

2. Using Elixir

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Elixirs are true magical potions that are created through monsters' body parts. There lies various Elixirs types of which few work very well on increased health and stamina

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3.  Selected Armor Sets

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It's impossible for armor sets to increase stamina but indirectly helps in reducing workout makes easier tasks that saves stamina. Climbing gears, swimming or running set helps to reduce factor of lost stamina

4.  Shrines

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Shrines work permanently over the body to increase health and stamina to a large extent. Stamina Bar increase steadily after unlocking shrines which is the only source of long lasting stamina

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