How to Find Mighty Bananas in Zelda: Tears of Kingdom?

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Jay Kakade

Mighty Bananas, in Zelda: Tears of Kingdom, is a fruit that temporarily increases attack power. Common Locations: -- Lake Floria -- Eventide Island

Collecting Mighty Bananas from the drops of enemy is the easiest way to acquire them. They are dropped by: -- Yiga Footsoldier -- Yiga Blademaster -- Hinox

From Enemy Drops

Mighty Banana Trees are spread all across the Faron Region and on Eventide Island.

From Mighty banana Tree

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Apart from selling it for 5 rupees each and using it to restore half heart, there are plenty of ways to use it.

Use of Mighty Bananas

Mighty Banana's can be used to: -- upgrade Yiga Clan Armour Set. -- Cook it for high attack damage -- Dye Armour (not applicable for all)

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