Demon Slayer: All 10 Water Breathing techniques

There are five fundamental breathing techniques, emerged from the Sun Breathing. Among them, Water Breathing is a prominent one, widely used by Tanjiro and Giyu.

Name: Water Surface Slash First Appearance: Episode 4 Water Breathing's First Form deals a powerful horizontal slash.

First form

Name: Water Wheel First Appearance: Episode 4 A spinning vertical sword slash midair slashes demon's head with horizontal strike.

Second form

Name: Flowing Dance First Appearance: Episode 9 It slashes the victim with the fluids generated by the swirl of the sword.

Third form

Name: Striking Tide First Appearance: Episode 4 Very similar to first form, but strikes with multiple hits.

fourth form

Name: Blessed Rain After The Drought First Appearance: Episode 16 The Fifth Form seems to be an attack of mercy, allowing demons to die painless.

fifth form

Name: Whirlpool First Appearance: Episode 7 Sixth Form of Water Breathing forms a swirling water fluids around the trajectory of sword's rotation.

Sixth form

Name: Drop Ripple Thrust First Appearance: Episode 9 Seventh Form is the fastest among all. Tanjiro is seen using this technique to block demon's blood arts.

seventh form

Name: Waterfall Basin First Appearance: Episode 6 Eighth Form seems to be used to annihilate  multiple targets at once.

eighth form

Name: Splashing Water Flow, Turbulent First Appearance: Episode 13 The technique create splashes of water, allowing the user to have a better position even in adverse situations.

ninth form

Name: Constant Flux First Appearance: Episode 19 Tenth Form can be deemed as the strongest form, that adds powerful fluxes with each rotation.

Tenth form

Name: Dead Calm First Appearance: Episode 19 Giyu is the only user of Eleventh form. It enables user to calm down and unleashing devastating barrages of attacks.

Eleventh form