Best Elixirs Ranked in Zelda:Tears of the Kingdom

Elixirs are powerful potions that boost stamina and have heart recovery and maintain steady activity of the protagonist. Luckily increasing Stamina Wheel helps in defeating monsters for longer duration.

Elixirs can be made from supplements collected from Monsters and Bosses. Their body parts constitute essential importance in the formation of Food Recipes too.

Here is the List of Best Elixir in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Spicy Elixir Mighty Elixir Energizing Elixir Sticky Elixir Hasty Elixir Hearty Elixir

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Helps to protect from cold and freeze in cold regions. Snowfall usually leads to faster decrement in hearts which can be slowed by Spicy Elixir

Spicy Elixir

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Similar to its name, Mighty Elixir availables lost hearts and regains stamina to stay in the fight. One of the best elixirs to use when facing a three-headed dragon or Ganondorf.

Mighty elixir

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Extracted from small insects like beetles of Rhino species and sometimes from cricket during the night. Stamina climbs it's high peak once Energizing portion is consumed

Energizing elixir

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Other types either increase health or bring back lost stamina. Sticky makes it hard for existing strength to decrease gradually. This kind of elixir is preferred over rest during Walkthrough.

Sticky elixir

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Haste spell refers to increase in body activities like running or jumping. Extreme exercises are possible with Haste potion which last for a moderate period of time.

Hasty elixir

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Hearty adds a few yellow hearts which signifies extra lives stored for battle purposes. Not only original help is fully filled but extra is added whose effects go off after time.

Hearty elixir

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