List of Best Armour Sets in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Written by Uday Kakade

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Zelda: tears of the kingoms has more than 35+ Armour set and thus becomes difficult to choose best of the best  to protect the character

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Barbarian Armour

Not only defending becomes easy but Barbarian style enhances attacking skills which is of great use

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dark Armour

Only way to grab Dark Armour is through Bargainer Statues. Being hardest, many players prefer this one.

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Flamebreaker Armour

certainly full proof armour that assures 100% safety. Unfortunately Flamebreaker is expensive and costs lots of resources!

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Hero armour

As name suggests, Hero Armour is made for true heroes that are on mission to fire up enemies. Normal looking structure but helps in getting extra bonuses during attacks.

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 phantom Armour

Considered as toughest material makiing someone the real knight with evil face. Great one to show off your strengths

These are few of armours that are must to claim. Check our Below Guide.