Untitled Boxing Game: How to get Balrog gloves?

Roblox Untitled Boxing Game (UBG) is steadily gaining popularity once again. With the help of cool fighting styles and unique gloves, users highly appreciate quests. For now, a new quest has been introduced and the ultimate reward includes a Balrog glove.

As the quest is time-limited and rewards the first few thousand users, it is essential to unlock it before the event ends. Here is the perfect guide to unlocking Balrog and its showcase in the battles.

How to get Balrog Gloves in Roblox Untitled Boxing game

Fight Styles and gloves are the perfect combination to win the arena. With the latest quest, Balrog Glove makes a debut. The glove can be upgraded with sequential task completion to strengthen its core skill set.

Untitled Boxing Game Balrog gloves
Untitled Boxing Game Balrog gloves

Below are steps for claiming the Balrog glove and entering another quest for further enchantment.

  1. Go to the ‘Quests’ section in Untitled Boxing Game
  2. Select the rightmost section of ‘Limited’ quests
  3. Players can see the Balrog quest as an ongoing challenge
  4. By achieving 50 knockouts, the first task can be completed
  5. Once completed, another quest starts of greater difficulty and higher rarity reward

Balrog Quests Rewards

  • Balrog
  • Ultimate Balrog
  • Triumph Balrog
  • Breaker Balrog
  • Greed Balrog
  • Perfect Balrog
Balrog Quest
Balrog Quest

Each glove has color variation separating itself from the rest of the others. With over 20+ fighting styles, it becomes essential for users to choose the best style, farm spins & lucky crates for speedy progress.


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